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All Inclusive Bundle

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The most complete package of Whole Woman Products available. Since the first edition was published in 2003, Saving the Whole Woman remains the definitive book on alternatives to surgery for pelvic organ prolapse and urinary incontinence. Now in it's fully updated second edition, Saving the Whole Woman gives you answers you are unlikely to get from your doctor.

  • The true causes of pelvic organ prolapse
  • The greatest blunder in medical history that continues to impact women's health care
  • What the "routine" surgeries actually involve
  • How you can manage your prolapse successfully if you have avoided surgery
  • and much more

The First Aid for Prolapse DVD includes a comprehensive education on your condition, your anatomy, your options and a new way to sit, stand, walk and exercise that will not only help your prolapse, but make you stronger, more flexible and more graceful by restoring your natural female design. With this information you will be able to take charge of your health and avoid dangerous surgery.

The four Whole Woman Yoga®/Goddess DVDs are the first of a series of seven bringing the  benefits of Yoga to women with prolapse issues. Filled with important information about posture, diet, inflammatory disease process (like breast cancer). Also included is a Yoga program that is safe for women with prolapse. Sadly, Yoga was developed by men for male bodies and some postures are significantly detrimental to women. Whole Woman Yoga provides all the benefits of Yoga without the risks. Challenging enough for experienced practitioners, Christine provides easier alternatives for some of the more difficult steps in the program.

The Whole Woman Way to Vulva Vaginal Health is a boon to women who experience vaginal dryness, lichen sclerosis, vulvadynia or vulva dystrophy. Christine shows the relationship between diet and the inflammatory cascade that can cause so much misery in women, particularly post-menopause, and how the solution to vulva and vaginal problems may be found in your own kitchen.

The Whole Woman Exercise Baton is turned for us in Maine from eastern rock maple. Christine uses the baton in her exercise routines. It's ridged surface provides a good grip when stretching overhead, which can be challenging for women, particularly as they get older. The reason is that as the lumbar curve flattens (contributing to prolapse) the spine compensates with the development of the "dowager's hump" at the top of the spine which inhibits overhead mobility so essential for maintaining our independence as we get older.

  • Saving the Whole Woman Book
  • First Aid for Prolapse DVD
  • 3 Whole Woman Yoga® DVDs
  • Restore Your Goddess Belly DVD
  • Whole Woman Way to Vulva Vaginal Health DVD
  • Whole Woman Exercise Baton

The bundle price is $199. The total retail value of the bundle products purchased separately would be $302.00. You save $103.00.

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