The Miraculous Self-Healing Vagina Video

The Miraculous Self-Healing Vagina Video

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The Miraculous Self-Healing Vagina

Science validates what the Ancients knew about nature’s only cure for pre-term birth, STDs, cervical cancer, and common menopause symptoms.

The list of women’s health issues is a daunting one.

  • Pre-term birth
  • Miscarriage
  • STDs
  • HPV
  • HIV
  • Cervical cancer
  • Lichen sclerosis
  • Vaginal dryness and atrophy to name just a few.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if they all just disappeared?  As women, don’t we have enough challenges in this life without disease too?

The medical system loves these problems.  They’re opportunities to sell us antibiotics, surgical procedures, hormones, and on and on.  Even if all their remedies worked, which they don’t, these conditions wreak havoc on our lives.

A Treasure Hunt in the Literature of Science

Back in the 1990s when I was struggling with uterine prolapse, I spent years in the medical school library digging through research studies and medical texts, dating back to the 19th century.  Amazingly, the answers were there.  And what I pieced together has transformed the lives of countless thousands of women all over the world.

Aside from what I learned about prolapse, I realized  that the scientific literature is like a diamond mine.  Yes, you have to dig through a lot of dirt to find the rough gems.  Then once you have the rough stones, they have to be cleaned and polished so you really know what you have.  

But it’s worth the effort, because you wind up with a dazzling display of knowledge and insight backed up by the years of hard work of brilliant and highly trained scientists whose hard data you can trust.

Science, Knowledge & the Medical System

I also learned that what emerges from the laboratory, often does not translate into changes in medical practice.  Unless the drug and surgical supply companies, hospitals, and doctors can make money with the knowledge coming out of the labs, they are not interested.  Even if that knowledge could alleviate the suffering of millions of women.

For several years now, I have been on another quest, diving deeply into the scientific literature.  What has emerged is even more astonishing than the root cause of pelvic organ prolapse, urinary incontinence, and chronic hip pain.  

Where my previous work was with the “macro” female physiology, my recent passion has been the micro physiology of women.  

What I have learned has validated my deepest beliefs about nature, healing, and protection.

A New Model of Women’s Health

My intent has been to write another book, but producing a book but my news is so exciting, I had to start talking about it. 

So I organized a lecture for the public here at the Whole Woman Center on March 20th.  My husband Lanny recorded the whole talk on video, and now it is ready to transform how you think about your body, your health, your home, and the freedom and beauty of true self-care.  

My new body of work contains never-before published information and is titled:

The Miraculous Self-Healing Vagina

Science validates what the Ancients knew about nature’s only cure for pre-term birth, STDs, cervical cancer, and common menopause symptoms.

It is an amazing exposé of the root cause of many of women’s most serious health challenges.  I will show you how science has proven unequivocally that only we can truly cure and prevent these diseases.  You will also learn the extent to which this knowledge and information is ignored, buried, and actively refuted by a medical system far more interested in profits than healing.  

I have learned and will share with you

…how you can protect yourself from STDs, even HPV and HIV

…how you can reverse cervical dysplasia

…if you are an older woman, how to restore life to your vulva, vagina, and bladder

…if you are still in your childbearing years, how to minimize the risks of the heartbreak of pre-term birth and miscarriage

All backed by solid, verifiable scientific research.

How amazing, that all our technological advancement and wizardry has brought us full circle to the simple beauty of nature, which has the answers we need to live in health, harmony and comfort.

Essential Knowledge for Women of All Ages

What I have put together in the 1 hour and 26 minutes of this video is knowledge you need.  All women need to understand the depth to which health and peace of mind can be created and protected.  

Do we need a medical system?  Of course.  For trauma and birth defects the system works miracles.  However, it can also destroy the health and lives of women.  Being informed consumers of health care is essential for our very survival.  

For at least 150 years, gynecology has had all the answers to women's health.  Little did we know that the real answers were hidden in the microbiology, epidemiology, and even zoology literature.

Making Knowledge Accessible

I believe what I have discovered is so important, I want every woman in the Whole Woman family should have it.  And, I hope you will share it with the women in your life, your mothers, daughters, aunts, nieces, and of course your friends.  

It can save you years of suffering, and more importantly, help you understand how critical it is for you to take responsibility for and manage your own health.  And that nature is there to support you.  

As you may or not know, Whole Woman is a very small operation, just my husband Lanny and myself.  It costs a lot of time, money, and technology infrastructure to produce the important information we make available to you.  We are entirely supported by sales of my books, videos, consultations, and practitioner training.  Your support is what makes Whole Woman possible.  

To make this information financially within the reach of almost everyone, I’ve asked Lanny to price the  streaming video at only US$19.97. That’s about the cost of a sandwich and latte for life-changing information! 

I know not everyone has reliable internet, so it will be available on DVD as well.  The cost for the DVD is US$ 26.97 including free shipping world-wide.  The DVDs are in production and will ship no later than April 15th, but you can order them today and they will ship out as soon as they are ready.  

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