Whole Woman Fundamentals - Posture and Toileting

Whole Woman Fundamentals - Posture and Toileting

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Whole Woman Fundamentals Videos

Note that this product is available in both streaming video and DVD.  Order the DVD here.  For streaming video, please visit http://whole-woman.thinkific.com.

Many women have asked for a simple description of the Whole Woman fundamentals: the Whole Woman Posture and Whole Woman Toileting.

In the past, these descriptions have been part of larger DVDs, books, online videos, or online courses, which not every woman can afford.  

Therefore, I have produced inexpensive videos to clearly show both the posture and toileting skills that will help stabilize and reverse pelvic organ prolapse. 

Two videos, The Whole Woman Posture Explained and Whole Woman Toileting for Pelvic Health describe what every woman needs to know to protect her pelvic organ support system.  

The videos are available as a set in both streaming online video and DVD formats.  There is a modest additional charge for DVDs, but world-wide shipping is free.

The Whole Woman Posture Explained - 

Central to the Whole Woman Work is the natural female posture.  

The “tuck your bottom, flatten your belly and pull your shoulders back” posture is a cultural contrivance and profoundly unnatural for the female body.

This unnatural posture has cost millions of women their health and vitality by setting them up for pelvic organ prolapse, urinary incontinence, and chronic hip pain.  

Traditional surgical approaches only impact the symptoms, often with devastating results, without ever addressing the underlying cause of these conditions.

Whole Woman Posture Explained will put you on the path to a lifetime of pelvic health. 

Whole Woman Toileting for Pelvic Health - 

A key to pelvic health is never straining against the toilet seat again.  

Regular elimination is essential for health.  Traditional female posture of pulling in the midriff contributes to constipation and improper elimination.

Restoring natural female posture is a critical step.  Knowing how to eliminate in a way that is consistent with Whole Woman Posture and that is protective of the pelvic organs.

In this video, Whole Woman Founder Christine Kent, RN will teach you toileting techniques that will facilitate elimination and protect the pelvic organ support system.  

The Whole Woman Fundamentals Bundle - US$ 24.97 (Online streaming video) US$ 33.47 (DVD - free shipping)