Notice to customers outside the US

Many countries charge import duties or Value Added Taxes (VAT) on certain products sent by mail.  Often the local Postal Service will notify the customer and demand payment of duties or VAT before the package will be delivered.  Each country's rules are different and it is not possible for us to keep track of what will be taxed or not from one country to the next.  For example VAT in the UK applies to DVDs but not books.  Please plan for potential additional costs if you are ordering from outside the US.  Thank you.

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Click on the category listings on the left to find the products you are interested in. Note that almost all our products are available in physical form (i.e. books and DVDs) as well as virtual form (streaming video and ebooks).  If you have questions about what products might be right for you, please call +1 505-243-4010 or write us at the address found in the "contact us" page above. Thanks.

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